SGR Range will facilitate the transfer of firearms from other Federal Firearms License holders to our members and customers.

Firearm Transfers Done Correctly

We ask that you use the following procedures to make the transfer as smooth as possible for you. Please read the follow guide.

Before you begin the process. we ask that you have the transferring Federal Firearms License (FFL) ready to send in an email to Once you have this info, please continue with the following directions:

  1. Your contact info. We will need this to get in touch with you when your firearm is ready to be transferred to you! Along with the  FFL please provide us the following information in an email. 
            – First and Last Name
            – Email Address
            – Phone Number
    For each firearm, please provide the:
            – Make
            – Model
            – Serial Number
            – The attached copy of the Dealer’s Federal Firearms License (FFL)
  2. SGR will contact the dealer. We will promptly respond to that dealer and exchange the required information including a copy of our Federal Firearms License.
  3. You must contact the firearm dealer for tracking information. We encourage you to get a tracking number for your firearm from the shipping dealer. SGR Range can accept no responsibility for tracking shipments!
  4. Visit SGR Range to begin a 10-day wait, CA DROS, and background check. Once SGR Range has received your firearm, we will need to visit our retail department to do your California DROS paperwork and background check so that we can start your California mandatory 10-day waiting period.
  5. Provide state-issued identification with fees. You will need to provide state-issued identification with your current address at the time the 4473 is completed.

       – $47.19 CA State Background Fee. California charges this fee to conduct the check and we will collect that fee at the time the background check is entered into the CBI system.
        – $125 for Members and $147.19 for Non-Members Firearm Transfer Fee (additional fees for numerous transfers). Transfer fees include the California State Background Fee. SGR Range charges this fee for conducting the transfer which requires significant time and record keeping for each firearm.

    Upon successful completion of the background check and payment of transfer fees, the firearm will be transferred to you.


  • Online purchasing from other dealers
    • Want to order a gun from another website and have it shipped to you? No problem! We are a full-service FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer. For transferring California-approved and legal firearms, there is a $125 transfer fee and a $47.19 California-required registration/background check fee (DROS).
    • For law enforcement weapons defined as California Assault Weapons being transferred into SGR from another dealer or manufacturer, there is a $300 transfer fee per firearm.
    • California tax must also be paid on the purchase amount for the firearm (7.75%).
    • PLEASE NOTE:  It may be less expensive to contact us first before paying all transfer and shipping fees.  We can probably get you the firearm you want, at a less expensive final price.
    • The Transfer Process:
      • You contacted us about the transfer of the firearm you bought from another dealer

      • You provide the dealer with our transfer email:

      • It gets shipped to us and we contact you 24-48 hours after arrival, giving us time to process the transfer. 

      • You come in to begin the background paperwork and DROS process.

  • Does SGR Range do firearms transfers to other FFL’s?

    • Yes, however, to save you money, we are more than happy to advise you how to do this yourself for FREE.
  • Am I able to get a copy of SGR Range’s  FFL to send to the seller?
    • We will only send a copy of our FFL to other licensed dealers
  • Why have I not been contacted even though freight tracking shows that the firearm was delivered to SGR Range?
    • Depending on the volume of transfers we receive, from receipt of the firearm, it takes us 24 to 72 hours to receive the firearm into our system and have it ready to start the transfer procedure with you. We are unable to transfer any firearm that is not properly entered into our system. If the selling dealer has not provided us with your contact information we are unable to contact you. We are unable to process a transfer without proper ATF-required documentation from the seller and SGR retains the right to return any firearm to the selling dealer at our sole discretion. It is a violation of Federal law to transfer a firearm without proper documentation.
  • What if the firearm is damaged in shipment?
    • SGR Range can take no responsibility for firearms damaged in shipment, warranties or repair of the firearm.
  • Will SGR Range facilitate private party firearms transfers?
    • California law requires all firearms dealers to do Private Party Transfers.  We are happy to provide this service.
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