Sacramento Gun Range Class

Initial Two Day CCW Course (16 Hours)

Intermediate Handgun Class that is Fun and Informative

2023 – Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Yolo County
2024 – All Counties will need to take the 16-Hour Course

Imagine having your concealed carry (CCW) license. You should be able to protect yourself and your family at any time necessary. Our Concealed American class ensures that you meet the training requirements to be issued your CCW. Course will be taken after you receive approval with the Sheriff.

Get Comfortable Using a Handgun

During this class we expose you to the laws and legal definitions that revolve around concealed carry. We ensure you are confident and capable enough to carry a firearm concealed in public. SGR believes in everyone’s right to survive and we encourage any lawful person who wants to pursue the training and knowledge necessary to protect themselves, regardless of where they are or when they or their family are in danger. You will be exposed to deadly force scenarios, situational preparedness and psychological considerations of carrying a concealed firearm.

Includes up to 3 Firearms


Special Note:

No ammunition or loaded firearms/magazines allowed in the classroom. Current CCW permit holders who wish to attend this course must ensure their weapons are clear and safe of ammunition prior to entering the classroom.


Class: Initial Two Day Concealed American CCW Course (16-Hour)

Cost: $250
(Includes up to 3 Firearms)

Length: 2 Days (Approximately 16 hours of training)

Level: Intermediate

Where: SGR Classroom and Range

– Completed interview with CCW
Sheriff’s Office
– Recommended completion of “Handgun First Steps” and “Handgun Next Steps” or instructor approved equivalent

What to bring:
Comfortable closed heel and closed
toe shoes
– Personal handgun (up to three hundgun’s that you wish to qualify with)
– Holster, oversized jacket or garment (To practice drawing from concealment)
– Hearing & Eye Protection (We do not provide them at this time due to Covid-19. We apologize for the inconvenience.)
– 50 rounds of ammunition per firearm to qualify with.  (Per California law guest(s) must be 21 or older to handle a SGR firearm.)

Requirements: Qualification skills test per your individual county. Signed waiver required (If you have not completed the online waiver Click Here to fill out the form)

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